Plant Extract is the foundation of EXCARE PHARM. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated and operated more than 200 plant extract varieties through the establishment of global plant raw material direct collection system and its own organic planting base. Through continuous development and innovation, as well as the establishment of effective quality control system, "Small variety, High quality" is the synonym of EXCARE PHARM plant raw materials.

Passion Flower Extract

Passiflora caerulea L.

Country of Origin: Europe

Plant Part Used: Stem and leaf

Total Flavones 1-10% UV

Feverfew Extract

Tanacetum Parthenium

Latin Name: Tanacetum Parthenium

Country of Origin: Europe

Plant Part Used:   Flower

Parthenolide 0.1-0.8% HPLC

Cranberry Extract

Vaccinium Macrocarpont.

Country of Origin:   North America

Plant Part Used:   Berry

Proanthocyanidins 1-50% UV

Proanthocyanidins 1-15% BL-DMAC      

Black Currant Extract

Ribes nigrum L.

Country of Origin:   New Zealand

Plant Part Used:   Fruit

Anthocyanidins 1-25% UV

Anthocyanosides   1-35% HPLC

Boswellia Serrata Extract

Boswellia Serrata

Country of Origin: India

Plant Part Used:   Exudates   

Boswellic acids 10-65% HPLC



EXCARE PHARM takes customer demand as the center, quality service as the purpose, according to the use of advanced purification technology, sustained-release technology and microcapsule technology, to provide customized products and overall solution services for customers.

1. With nutrition and health industry as the core, focus on human nutrition research, establish premix and functional compound service platform of various functional raw materials, vitamins and minerals.

2. Using CWS / CWD technology, beadlets technology, composite coagulation technology, solubilization technology, slow and controlled release coating technology, taste masking and anti moisture absorption technology, the stable platform of functional factor microcapsules was established.

3. By means of regulation and control, coupling equipment, technology and strain, the biotransformation technology platform was established.

Plant Essence Powder

Oriented by customer needs, Excare Pharm uses advanced drying equipment, micro-powder equipment, etc. to develop a series of natural plant powder products, including various fruit and vegetable powders and medicinal and edible plant essence powders. Relying on the advantages of the global plant supply chain of Excare Plant Extracts, the plant powder has a complete range of categories; it is produced without extraction and retains the natural flavor of the plant itself; at the same time, it provides customers with customized product services.