Announcement of US Exclusive DistributionPartnership


About H&M USA Inc.

Established in 2008 by Michael & Helen Qiu, H&M USA has consistently offered the
highest quality ingredients to the nutritional, food and pharmaceutical industries. H&M
USA is a premier distributor of Vitamins, Amino Acids, Botanical & Herbal Extracts,
Specialty Materials, Food ingredients, Sweeteners and Pharmaceuticals. The company
was founded on the principle of partnering with and complete transparency with our
global manufacturing suppliers. Strong relationships with our manufacturing partners
allows H&M USA to provide accutane online complete original factory SIDI
documentation for your regulatory needs.


H&M has headquarters and warehousing located in Syosset, NY. Our 35,000 square
foot warehouse is amply stocked and equipped to react quickly to your “just in time”
needs. Due to our abundant inventory, agility and quick order processing, our service
ranks among the best in the industry.


H&M USA’s excellent quality, superior service and competitive pricing will exceed
your expectations! We look forward to proving our value.