Ningbo Excare donations Ningbo University

NingboExcare donations Ningbo University

                                    ——The Alumni Association was established

On October 30, 2021, Ningbo Universityushered in its 35th anniversary. Li Gao, chairman of Yujian PharmaceuticalCompany, and directors Zhang Bin and Li Shengwei were invited to their almamater to celebrate their birthday. Chairman Li Gao attended the inauguralmeeting of the alumni association of the School of Food and Pharmacy and waselected as the president of the alumni association, and set up an alumni fund.

At about 10 a.m., at the alumni forum ofTaichangxiang Lecture Hall, Li Gao, chairman of Ningbo Yujian PharmaceuticalCo., Ltd. and 97-level food science and engineering alumni, carefully answeredstudents' questions and answered questions for students. , describing thehistory of starting a business. Founded in 2009, Ningbo Yujian Co., Ltd.specializes in the research and development, production and sales of naturalfood raw materials and plant functional ingredients. Focus on providinginnovative products and services for customers in the pharmaceutical, healthfood, beverages and cosmetics industries.

In the afternoon, the inaugural meeting ofthe Alumni Association of the School of Food and Pharmacy was held on MeishanCampus, with more than a hundred online and offline participants. At themeeting, Senior Li and other alumni reviewed the history of the college and thepreparation process of the alumni association. It is a great honor for Li Gao,chairman of our company, to be elected president of the alumni association anddelivered a speech as the new president of the alumni association. DirectorZhang Bin was elected as the director of the alumni association of the Schoolof Food and Pharmacy.

Subsequently, Chairman Li Gao cared aboutthe development of his alma mater with his actions. On behalf of Ningbo YujianPharmaceutical Co., Ltd., he donated a whole RMB 50 million yuan and set up analumni fund to cultivate high-quality talents with all-round moral, intellectual,physical, aesthetic and labor development and the operation and management ofthe alumni association, so as to contribute to the development of his almamater.