Glanbia Nutritional experts visit our company for review

From December 1 to2,2021, Zhao Xinguo and Huang Jiaqian, from Colombia (Glanbia Nutritional),made a special trip to Ningbo Yujian Factory to conduct a two-day supplieraudit of our company.Yili, the quality leader of the company, participated inthe whole audit process as the management representative of the company.

At about 9 am onDecember 1st, the audit members held a pre-audit meeting in the conference roomon the 3rd floor of our research and development building.On behalf of thecompany, Fang Fei, the general manager of the company, welcomed the arrival ofthe auditors and thanked Colombia for its support over the years.And from thedevelopment process of the enterprise, target positioning, business developmentand other aspects of the company briefly introduced the situation of the auditexperts.I hope the two experts will carefully review and raise more questionswithin the limited review time.The relevant departments of the company are alsorequired to closely cooperate with the audit work of the audit experts.Afterthe meeting, the audit personnel, accompanied by the relevant responsibleperson, reviewed the warehouse, workshop and laboratory, for one day.

The next day, theaudit teacher mainly arranged the document audit work, and communicated withthe relevant personnel.After two days of audit and exchange, at the finalmeeting, the audit teacher affirmed the operation status of the qualitymanagement system of our company, and also affirmed the equipment of thehardware facilities of our company.It means that our company has passed thissite audit and can serve as a qualified supplier in Colombia.However, the auditteacher also pointed out many shortcomings to the on-site management, I hopeour company also pay attention to correct as soon as possible.

Note: ColombiaGlanbia is an Irish century-old enterprise, the group has the dairy sector, rawmaterial business plate and B2C brand business plate.As a world-renownedsupplier of nutrition and health products premixed products, its productquality and supply chain stability are second to none in the industry.