Old year Raise the whip, the New Year is better丨Excare Pharm Group 2021 Year-end Summary Conference

Lookingback on 2021,Excare Pharm worked together and never slackened. With his fiercefigure, he drew an extraordinary chapter, embarked on a journey of forgingahead with hard work. On January 26, the company held an annual work summarymeeting. The theme of this meeting is "Yujian because of meeting",summarizing the work and achievements of 2021 and looking forward to the goalsand plans of 2022. Unify ideological goals, share development achievements, andwork together to go on a new journey of high-quality development.


Comprehensiveindustrial upgrading——Take advantageof the situation

Looking back, the year 2021company is one, is a year of major changes since its establishment, is also ayear when the company's production gradually goes normal, and internalmanagement gradually toward standardization and institutionalization.

Mr.Fang Fei, the general manager,made a comprehensive and objective summary of the main work in 2021,systematically analyzed the deficiencies and challenges faced in operation andmanagement, and made arrangements for the key work in 2022.Over the past year,under the leadership of the management of the company and under the hard workof all the employees, the whole company has closely focused on the working ideaof strict production and quality control, with customer service as thecenter.It has overfulfilled the indicators set at the beginning of 2021, layinga solid foundation for the company to enter the normal production.Among them,product research and development is continuously promoted, and the high-leveltalent reserve is continuously improved.In 2021, the company has introduced anumber of doctors and masters to constantly improve the ecological constructionwith talents as the core.At the same time, production management, qualitymanagement and production safety work are progressing in an orderly manner, andthe enterprise has also successfully won the honor of a national high-techenterprise, which lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development ofthe enterprise in the future and improves the company's core competitiveness ofthe company.

Mr.Li Gao, the chairman,expressed his most sincere gratitude to all the employees for their hard workin 2021.He said that this year is the most challenging year in the developmentprocess of Excare Pharm. The establishment of new office buildings, new workshops, new projectsand the introduction of new technology, but all our employees still worktogether, work hard and withstand the test, and he is deeply grateful forthis.Therefore, we must constantly strengthen our competitiveness, take qualityfirst, to achieve iterative upgrading.At the same time, said, "no smallsteps, no thousand miles, no small flow, no river and sea", the companyhas the confidence, ability and measures to achieve the rapid growth of Excare Pharm business in 2022!It will ensure the steady and healthy development ofproduction, actively promote the production management, quality management andproduction safety work, boost the confidence of enterprise development, enhancethe reputation and influence in the market, and gradually build a louder Excare Pharm brand!

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Brand renewal upgrade—— infinite possibilities

"Beauty with jade qualityand create a healthy life" is the original aspiration and mission that Excare Pharm Pharmaceutical has always shouldered. From the organic planting, modernprocessing and standardized extraction of raw materials to healthy finishedproducts, Excare Pharm Pharmaceutical continues to promote the big health cause and continues toprovide users with the best quality health products and services.

Tianwei Tang, a subsidiary of Excare Pharm Pharmaceutical, operated smoothly in 2021.As the direction of Excare Pharm Pharmaceutical's new business expansion, Tian weitang is an important partof the company's development blueprint.Since the establishment and operation,under the leadership of Chairman Li Gao, it has launched different series ofproducts for liver protection, which will also highlight the spirit ofhumanistic care.The launch of these health products has continuously pushed thecompany's vision of "solving small human health problems" to reality,and successfully took the first step in the company's finished product brandbusiness.

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The power of example——Commendation advanced

This year, those people who movedExcare Pharm, witnessed the extraordinary persistence, reverberated with the passion ofproduction and development.Excare Pharm's brilliant achievements in thepast year cannot be separated from the hard work of all Yujian people, payingtribute to the struggle and praise and hard work.

Special recognition extractionworkshop Zhang Jiqi Manager, under his leadership, the team from nothing,overcome difficulties, more worthy "model worker" Chen Liangbin,director of production; logistics department, manager Fang Jinxiang responsibleand meticulous, assistant chairman Fang Yan, assistant procurement manager KangHui, Tian weitang series products are popular, because of unremitting efforts,the company's achievements today.

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Highlight humanistic care——Pass on warmth

After the end of the year-endsummary report, the annual New Year's Eve dinner link is opened.At the banquet,Li Dong also poured wine for the workshop staff of each table, talked with theworkshop staff, asked them about their work and life, sincerely thanked themfor their contributions to the production development and extended New Yearwishes.We gathered together, happy and harmonious.

Reviewing 2021, we gather Excare Pharm, looking forward to 2022, Excare Pharm will continue to innovate, weregulate self-discipline, provide quality products and services, assume socialresponsibilities, and contribute to the construction of a healthy China, ourexcellent Excare Pharm people will closely unite, continue to write a new chapter.

Freeze five

forge ahead and start again——The future can be expected

In 2022, the new blueprint andnew leap, standing at a new starting point, we seize new opportunities, improveproducts with technological innovation, layout the future with industrialplanning, gather advantages, gather people's hearts with corporate culture.

We will work with the samedirection, stay true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly inmind, and work together to strive for the great cause of human health. Excare Pharm will set sail in a new way!At the same time, I wish you all a happy NewYear, a happy family, and a better coming year!