Ningbo Excare Pharm Inc. Won the "Efficiency per Mu" Class A Evaluation

On July 7, 2022, the Economic and InformationBureau of Beilun District announced the evaluation results of industrialenterprises above designated size and industrial enterprises with an area of more than 3 mu in 2021. Ningbo Excare Pharm Inc. is listed as a Class Aenterprise.

According to the document "ComprehensiveEvaluation Method for "Efficiency per Mu" of Industrial Enterprisesin Beilun District (Revised Edition)" (Lun Zhengban [2022] No. 2), theDistrict Economic and Information Bureau has assessed all industrialenterprisesinBeilun District, which owned or actually used industrial enterprises landmanagement entities (including industrial enterprises, non-industrial entitiesand individuals, etc.) have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of "permu benefit", and then each unit will follow the "Implementation Rulesfor Promoting the Optimal Allocation of Resource Elements in Beilun District toPromote the High-quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry" (LunZhengban [2021] No. 31) document implements various differentiated policies.

As an A-class enterprise of "efficiency permu", our company will obtain priority support for new projects and landuse needs, priority protection for electricity consumption, priority protectionfor emission rights allocation, and priority support for technologicalinnovation, financial policies, and financial incentive and restraint policies.

This evaluation is one of the achievements of ourcompany's rapid development in recent years, and is of great significance toour company's future development. As an industrial area in Zhejiang Province,Beilun District has thousands of industrial enterprises. Our company can get A-level evaluation among these excellent enterprises, which shows that ourcompany has been fully affirmed by the government in terms of taxation and landuse. Our company will take this evaluation as a new foundation to meet newinnovation and development.