Director Xi of Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone Administration and government dele

On the afternoon of December 8, 2022, 11 people, including Xi Ming, Director of Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone Administration, Ye Wandang, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Ma Jianjiang, Deputy Director of the Municipal Government, Fang Jian, Deputy Director of Ningbo Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Yan Wenlong, Relevant leaders of urban Market Supervision Administration, Secretary of Chunxiao Street, came to our company for guidance. At the same time, they inspected the implementation of the responsibilities of our food safety director and food safety officer. Company chairman Li Gao, and relevant responsible personnel accompanied the inspection.

After arriving at the company, accompanied by our leaders, inspected the finished product warehouse, clean area, the company's R & D and testing center.They learned about the implementation of our food safety management responsibilities on the spot. During this period, Director Xi had a detailed understanding of our products from raw material procurement to R & D, production, testing and sale. The relevant accompanying personnel explained them carefully one by one. Director Xi and the relevant leaders of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau fully affirmed the implementation of our food safety management system.

Finally, Director Xi emphasized once again that as an A-level food production enterprise, our company should give full play to its exemplary leading   role, strictly control food safety, and implement the responsibilities of the first person responsible for food safety. Chairman Li Gao said that we will ensure   good quality, implement the main responsibility of enterprises, provide better products and services for the society, and lay a strong foundation for future   development.