In November 2022, Ningbo Excarepharm Inc. held a commendation meeting for rationalization proposals

On the afternoon of Monday, December 19, 2022, a commendation meeting for rationalization proposals was held in the hall of the company. The commendation meeting was hosted by Director Li Peng of the Production Department. More than 50 people including the staff of production department , department heads and managers attended the Commendation Conference. Director Li Peng announced the detailed list of award-winning employees, and expressed his gratitude to the employees of the production department for their active participation in this activity.

The rationalization suggestion activity was mainly organized by the production department. After more than a month of collection, 36 pieces of various suggestions were collected. After selection, 16 people won awards. The company issued a total of 3,560 RMB in bonuses. One of the employees, Shen Zucheng, won the first prize and was awarded a bonus of 1000 RMB. A total of 7 suggestions won the third prize, 11 suggestions won the second prize, and 6 suggestions won the first prize. The director of the production department, the manager of the quality department and the chairman of the company gave awards respectively.

After the meeting, Chairman Li expressed his gratitude to the employees for their spirit--the masters who take the factory as their home and put themselves in their shoes for work considerations. The employees of this rationalization suggestion activity mainly focus on three aspects of the production department: 1. The needs of the production site problems to improve; 2. Problems that need to be improved in the company's rules and regulations and job responsibilities; 3. Loopholes in the production process.

The first prize winners, Shen Zucheng's suggestion, is to "add a pump to the diversion point on the first floor of the reaction, and connect the pipes to the reactor, so that the six reactors can circulate and communicate with each other, and the materials between the reactors during production can be transferred more quickly. Recycling cleaning fluid during site clearing can not only reduce production costs, but also reduce sewage discharge.” This awareness of rational recycling of materials and cost reduction is beyond his scope of work and responsibilities, and this awareness of cost savings is very important. It is worth learning from. We hope that everyone in the company has this sense of "ownership" to achieve the goal of "taking the factory as home and everyone saves ".

Through this activity, I believe that the employees have improved their working ability and management awareness of the production site through participation. They will have the opportunity to be trained as reserve cadres in the future, making Ningbo Excarepharm Inc. a stage for him to realize his dream. It is hoped that the production department combines with other departments of the company will communicate and jointly carry out such activities, which will bring more benefits to the company in terms of cost control.