Naturally Good 2023

Ningbo Excare Pharm Inc., attended the 2023 Naturally Good Health Food Fair in Sydney, Australia on June 5-6.

Naturally Good Expo in Sydney, Australia is the largest exhibition of natural organic and health products in the Southern hemisphere. Committed to all healthy, organic and natural business activities, here, Ningbo Excare   Pharm Inc., and guests for two days of business, social, to seek new market opportunities.

In this exhibition, General manager Fang Fei led the members of the business department to meet the old   customers with harmonious cooperation at the booth. Through face-to-face communication with the customers,   the distance between the two teams was further narrowed and the foundation for in-depth cooperation was   consolidated. Through the invitation of new guests and the communication of natural visitors, to guide the sales   staff, answer customer questions, dispel customer doubts, and expand the Australian market.