EXCARE PHARM, A manufacturer of many kinds of variety botanical ingredients and Herbal Extracts. Focus on providing innovative products and services for customers in pharmaceutical, health food, beverage and cosmetics industries. EXCARE PHARM is located in Ningbo China. It has built 60000 M2 modernized standard plant, complete set of plant extract production line, and international leading R & D and quality control center. It has developed into an influential plant extract supplier in the global industry. EXCARE PHARM has made continuous efforts to innovate, focusing on small varieties of functional plant products, and improving its self-control standards. It has successively obtained quality system certification such as SC certification of Chinese Government, cGMP certification of the United States, kosher certification, Halal certification and European and American organic food certification, etc. To ensure product quality, sincere service to global customers.

TiViT TECH is affiliated to EXCARE PHARM Group, which was founded in 2009 and is engaged in R & D, production and sales of health products. After 13 years of hard work in the field of natural products, we have accumulated rich experience and unique formula in the field of nutrition, functional food, health care products and food beauty; Adhering to the group's concept of "creating a healthy life with the quality of beautiful jade", we are committed to helping consumers solve different types of health problems and create a real healthy life for them. As always, we adhere to the principle of constant quality. TiViT TECH products must be high-quality products. It has many brands such as Yangyuanda and YanYangtang Fruit C. through China's rich traditional food and traditional medicine resources, it uses Chinese herbal medicine with functional ingredients to develop natural high standard functional food, combines traditional Chinese medicine theory with modern medical technology, and brings a new healthy lifestyle through natural health maintenance management. At the same time of providing high-quality products and delivering health concept, we should create more health preserving experience for consumers. Excellence through concentration. Start the journey of natural healthy life




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